So its 2016

Its that time of year when everyone comes up with a New Years resolution.  I’m not really a fan of resolutions because if there is something you want to stick to or change you should just do it when you want to, not on Jan 1.  Okay, can someone help me down off my soapbox now.  To be honest, I understand why people do it on Jan 1.  A new year, a new day, a new beginning.  It’s the perfect time to try and hit the restart button and try again.  You have the entire year ahead of yourself so its like having a clean slate.  So with that state of mind I’m going to try and work on a few things.  I’m not calling them resolutions, even though they probably are.  I’ll call them goals, I dare to be different.

A lot of my goals for 2016 are with my artwork.  I’ve always wanted to create more surreal and illustrative paintings that involved people.   I really liked my figure drawing and painting classes in college.  When I first started selling my work I took a very business approach to it.  I figured out what was popular and stuck with those themes.  It was a good decision in the fact that it helped me build a career, but at the same time I missed painting people and other things.  I’m at the point in my career that I’m confident enough to put some of those things out there.  So that is my first goal, to create more paintings with people in them.

Daily photo from the deck.  Jan 1, 2016
Daily photo from the deck. Jan 1, 2016

I’ve also stuck with the same materials for years.  That’s something that bothers me a little bit.  I want to try different surfaces, different mediums and different paints.  It’s not like I’ve never mixed it up a little, but it has been minimal over the years.  Its kind of the same situation as not painting figures.  I just stuck with what worked and what I knew.  I feel like I’ve been too contained.  Using some new materials and tackling some new subjects will help me get rid of that feeling.  Plus I’ll have the benefit of becoming better at art, because the more you practice and expand the better you become.

Those are my two big goals for my artwork.  On a personal level I’m just going to try and get healthier.  Some of the benefits of working from home are being able to create your own schedule, not having a boss, working in sweatpants if I want to etc etc..  One of the big drawbacks of working from home is… never getting away from work.  It’s always there.  There’s always that feeling of needing to do something work related, and for some reason that feeling seems to take over the desire to exercise.   I’ve always played a lot of sports throughout my life, and have always been a really active person.  The last 5 years I’ve dropped off with the activity level.  So just like the millions of others who set this goal,  I’m going to try and be more active.  I just keep reading about how sitting is more deadly than cigarettes.  That freaks me out just enough to get my butt off the chair when I paint, and to try and run around a lot more.


I find that reaching these goals, or any goal for that matter, is easier if you write down your daily progress.  I took a regular notebook and am keeping a diary type of chart.  I just wrote down the following categories, painting, drawing, guitar, exercise, food, and a few others that are a bit more personal and the date.  Each day I try to make sure I paint, draw, play guitar for an hour, exercise for an hour, eat well and do the other things I want to work on.  Then at the end of the day I put an X next to each one I completed for the day (the goal being to do all of them every day).  Then I can look back and see how I’m doing.  I’m hoping this just helps me develop a good habit routine.  Hopefully old dogs can learn new tricks.

So what do you have in mind for 2016?  Any crazy goals or resolutions?  Let me hear what you got going for this year in the comments below.  Happy New Year!  Let’s make it an artistic one :).

15 thoughts on “So its 2016

  1. Happy New Year Tim. Your goals fall in line with mine, about the trying to live a bit more healthy and to create more art.
    And in general, be happy. Let’s focus more on the good things in life instead of giving the negative things so much power over our daily state of mind.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with in your new art excursions.


  2. Happy New Year! Your blog is a new one for me and I too would like to try new painting techniques. Looking forward to seeing what you do.


  3. Tried watercolors yet?. After doing acrylics the past nine years, I’m doing it. Challenging, to say the least! Happy New Year to you, and all the best to you and your resolutions (ok, alright, goals! lol). Keep on painting! = )


  4. I don’t make resolutions though I am trying to do more things for myself. Im making an effort to do some kind of art
    every day. Unlike you I never liked drawing figures or faces so Im making an effort to do so. I’m also trying to
    loosen up in my painting. Im self taught, started with decorative painting which is very controlled and step
    oriented. Im writing some stories and will try illustrating them, only for my own grandchildren. Im learning to play the Strum Stick, because its easy haha! i want to have a little fun in each day as life is short.


  5. Happy New Year!! I have just purchased some of your lessons and am very excited to get started. I began my journey with painting last year and am having a love hate relationship with it.
    As for resolutions I don’t make them because I usually don’t keep them. i would like to be more active but when the snow happens up here I retreat inside.
    Funny I usually can think of lots to say but then I start typing and my mind goes blank lol.
    Looking forward to more of your rants!!
    I love your skies!! Don’t stop those please!


  6. Not making any real resolutions but would like to take more chances with my art and try new things. Just so
    rt of loosen up a bit i think.


  7. I don’t make new year resolutions neither. But what I really, really want to do this year is to bring some of the many ideas from my head on to canvas finally. And I want to paint in a bigger scale. I am just a hobby painter with a full time job. So I often have to overcome my weaker self in the evening to start. It is just to beginn. When I could start I am totally focused. So it would be great if I could implement 2 or 3 of my ideas this year 😀


  8. I’m looking forward to learning how to paint all on my own. I painted my first painting with you and haven’t had the courage to paint my own composition just yet. I have actually just started, so this is my art goal for the year. As far as resolutions I really don’t set those either. I want to set an intention for the year to be more mindful in everything I do, really be present in the moment and soak it all in.
    Thank you again for sharing your journey and taking us along with you 🙂


  9. Happy New Year Tom. Good idea! Life is to short and we should always do what we like. I will retire in September and will be painting full time. Pure joy! Hard job too! It’s difficult for me to write and express my feelings in English but I think that you and the others will understand what I mean.


      1. Sorry Tim. You know what is “automatic correction”. I réalité néant Tim and not Tom. See what I just wrote. The systèmes (again) changed the words. I wrote “really meant” but it changed it in French and it does not mean the same thing at all. Have to check it next Time. Have a nice day.


  10. Thanks for reading everyone, and for coming along on my journey. I appreciate all the comments, and really enjoy reading them. Resolutions shmesalutions, its nice to hear everyone else has some GOALS and just wanting to always better themselves.


  11. I normally do not make resolutions,,,,, but I am trying to try one by becoming a minimalist. HA HA HA My friends say,,, there is no way I will do it. Especially with all my crafts and art things. But my reply to that is if I stick only to my art,,,, everything else in my life will be minimal. 🙂


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