On the road in Nashville

On the flight here, to Nashville,  I got the sketchbook out.   It’s a great way to pass the time on a flight.  Headphones in, sketchbook out, go into my own world.  It makes the flight go by much faster.

Today is day two of my Nashville workshop.  The first day here we went to downtown Nashville and saw some live music.  I always like hearing live bands, usually it doesn’t matter the genre of music, I just like seeing people play instruments and sing.  I’m fascinated by art of all types, and there are very talented musicians in Nashville.

The first day of the workshop was a lot of fun.  I usually only do one painting over two days, but I’m liking doing the smaller paintings and more of them.  We get to cover more types of paintings in hopes that everyone will learn the most they can.  Other than the teaching aspect, its just fun to paint with other people.   The part I like best, though, is walking around talking to everyone and helping one on one.

Almost time to start Day 2 in Nashville, then head off to Atlanta.

4 thoughts on “On the road in Nashville

  1. Glad that you are getting some time to enjoy Nashville and it is not all work. Music live is a wonderful experience. The people along your tour are so lucky to have you giving them tips!!


  2. You probably get this statement a lot- thought I would say your talents would be welcomed in Edmonton Alberta we have a large group of talented artists that would love to learn from you – Have a great day—-


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