Reflecting on my latest workshop trip…

As I sit here in the Boston airport waiting for 2.5 hours for our flight to Presque Isle, ME, I’d like to reflect on my latest painting workshop trip.  Seeing familiar faces at workshops is always great.  It might be my favorite thing about travelling to the same place twice.  I feel like I have new friends in all of these cities around the US and Canada, and when I get to see them again its like seeing old friends.

The workshops went great, and I was impressed with how well everyone painted.  I always have this overwhelming feeling that I want to make sure everyone picks up a new trick or learns something new.  I always strive to get people over hurdles and on to new adventures.  This year I saw a lot of people light up with new ideas, so that made me really happy.


Nashville is a really cool city.  I love music, and the fact that every place has a live band was awesome to me.  We didn’t really get a chance to go to downtown Atlanta.  We had thought about going to an NBA game but decided not to.  Atlanta did have a random cat walking around the hotel that came and greeted us each time we went in and out.  I thought that was kind of funny.  Normally I’d worry that it was a stray and it would be starving, but this cat was well fed, super friendly and probably just lived across the street in the big apartment complex next to the hotel.  He probably just figured out how to get free pets and snacks over at the hotel.


It’s true what they say about the South.  People are super nice.  Whether you are driving in a crappy little nissan rental car, or you are walking through the busy airport, people are pleasant and have great manners.

It was a great trip, and now I get to go home to crazy weather.  Apparently we had a huge downpour with high winds.  Kind of uncharacteristic of January in Maine.  Usually its cold and windy, not rainy and windy.  From the sounds of it there was a huge power outage and a lot of people lost their furnaces and heat pumps.  That’s not a good thing in Northern Maine.  Especially with cold temps coming this week.  So I’m a bit worried to go home and see if there is any damage to the house.  Hopefully not.


In about an hour I’ll board my last flight of the day.  The last one had someone screaming for their lives as we landed.  It’s quite windy down here and the landings have been quite bumpy.   So when we were landing there were shreeks of horror at every bump.  Everyone laughed about it after it was over at least.

In about 4 weeks I head to Orlando for another workshop.  I’m looking forward to that nice Florida sunshine.

This time at the workshops in Nashville and Atlanta I announced that I’ll be taking a year off from workshops after this year.  It’s a bittersweet statement because I enjoy being able to offer in person demonstrations and help people one on one.  At the same time I’ve had this overwhelming desire to develop my artwork further.  Plus I’ll be doing a show at a gallery in NY in June.  I have to do a bunch of new paintings for that.

Well,that’s enough rambling for me.  Time to head home to the unique winter of Northern Maine.


6 thoughts on “Reflecting on my latest workshop trip…

  1. Thanks for taking the time to come see us in the South and sharing your gift of painting amazing clouds! I am more confident with them now…. Just need to STOP when I’m ahead and not overdue something.
    As always, it was a pleasure to be in your class. My favorite part is seeing how each person creates the same painting so differently.

    Until next time…. Stay warm! ( and remember, head to Hawaii to “check things out”)


  2. Loved the cat! We had the weird weather up in my part of Ontario also Poured rain all day when usually it is snow, but we don’t have to shovel the rain! Then just after I got home from town it became a snow storm. The next day -27C with the windchill. Strange weather this year!!
    Excited to see what you do for your show in New York. Will they become lessons? That must be such a feeling!!


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