Decided to make my latest commission into a series

I recently did a commission painting for a gallery in the mid-west.  You can read about it in my previous blogs.  I liked the background so much that I decided to focus on a series of paintings.  I’m going to start dark and intense and try to move them up to light and airy at the end.  It’s going to be about ascending from a dark place into a happier bright place.  I’m not quite sure how many painting’s I’ll do in the series yet, but the light in the distance holds a lot of significance.  I’ll get into that more as the series comes along.  The pic up above is the one I’m working on now.


5 thoughts on “Decided to make my latest commission into a series

  1. I am intrigued and can’t wait to see the pictures you will do! I read yesterday’s post about the Poweball… we all have ideas about the money but reality is something most will never understand.
    Reading between the lines I hope life is treating you well. There is too much darkness in the world, you shine a light into others with your creativity and talent, Please keep at it!


  2. I love your idea of going from dark to light! Your above painting’s darkness, to me, is so full of emotion….love the foreground darkness with that sliver of brightness on the horizon. Will enjoy following your progress:)!


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