Painting therapy

Thank you to everyone who posted kind messages on my FB page.  I’m not quite ready to talk about it, but will fill you all in sometime.

It was a rough week for me, and to help that I used painting as therapy.  Sometimes it’s good to paint what you feel.  It helps you think about everything, and cope with whatever is bothering you in your life at the time.  Landscapes don’t always express emotion, but I try really hard to make them.  This one was easy.  I just got out the Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and went to town.  Those two colors create an amazing dark color that isn’t quite black.  Black is just so flat and doesn’t really express what I want it to.  The color I create from those two allows me to texture it and create depth.

I created a little video of me painting the light into the painting.  Light is such an important part of art.  You can create so much mood, and tell such a great story with just light alone.  For all of you who are practicing painting, take time out of each day to look at the light outside and how it manipulates the land around you.  Every few minutes tells a new story.

I’m not really sure if this painting is done or not.  I don’t have a title for it.  I just painted it because I needed to paint the darkness out of me.  So that’s what I did.  Art is such a great form of therapy.  It’s expression of your deepest thoughts and subconscious.  Words just don’t express feeling enough.  They can get you close to expressing what you feel, but images gives you the complete expression.  If you are ever feeling really down, get out the ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, mix a bunch of values of those two colors and paint away.  It’ll help, even if its just a little bit.

Thanks again everyone, I’m getting back in the swing of things now.


10 thoughts on “Painting therapy

  1. thank you Tim,I think you expressed what a lot of people feel,but how comforting and refreshing it is to know that the light is there, somewhere! When you finally see that light,well that is just pure contentment.


  2. Give yourself time to heal. Life can throw some pretty rough situations at you and it takes time to process and recover. Sometimes my art is therapeutic, but sometimes the situation is so intense that I can’t even sit still long enough to lose myself or feel creative enough to do art. Take care, Tim.


  3. this is so beautiful, but shows a lot of sadness and darkness…..but you
    proved on your painting tim, that you do see the light, and with the light it puts a new perspective on how you feel and handle things that come our way…..let the light grow, in your own time.


  4. Great painting Tim. I lost my dad 3 months ago and I still find it hard to pick up the brush and paint. Your painting reminds me things will get better eventually.


  5. I am glad you are able to express yourself through your painting. It truly is good for the soul to expel your pain and not hold it in.


  6. I love this painting and conversation you are having in it. It is healing. I know for myself I have been just laying down paint with a knife, colors and shapes I am feeling, then I find images in the shapes and colors and pull them out but the most important part of that is the conversation I am having during that process that helps me works things out, helps me to heal. It is the telling of the struggle or the hurt and then listening for the answer, or direction to move forward in it. Very much like painting the dark in your painting and then knowing you have to intentionally look for the light to move forward… a great healing process. I don’t think we can leave photo’s here, or I would leave you one I have done in this process, but I want to encourage you to keep doing these types of paintings. They are what comes from the soul, the heart and it shines through in the work. It has real emotion and feeling, because you were emotive. I hope you list this one of your lessons for sale one day. I think it might be a popular one.


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