Practicing, exploring

I’m in the process of expanding my work into different areas. To do that I’ve been experimenting with the sketchbook, as well as different “loose” painting. Loose painting is something that seems so hard to do when you’re a beginner, and it’s taken me years to realize that sometimes you can get more information out of fewer brush strokes and detail than you can with hours of tedious liner brush painting.

John Singer Sargent is a good example of someone who got a lot of information out of just a few brush strokes. Artist’s have tried to emulate his approach for years.

I’ve been hitting the sketchbook daily. Making sure I spend an hour a day just drawing stuff. I’ve been drawing random pictures from instagram, exploring ideas that I’ve had for years, and just practicing old techniques that I learned in college.

45 minute drawing from instagram

The business side of art can take you on a backroad away from practice, because it takes up a lot of your time. Eventually you get back to that point, where it’s just time to put in a lot of work with your craft, which is where I am now.

I’m living proof that you can make a living as an artist. The honest truth is I’m not satisfied with just making a living as an artist. I’m an artist, and the art itself is worth more to me than just making money. It’s like going on a diet, and losing 20 lbs, and then plateauing and just being satisfied that you lost 20 lbs when your real goal was to lose 40 lbs. Part of the goal was being an artist as a profession, but the other half of the goal is to look back at my work when I’m older and know that it was the best work I could do, and that it portrayed my thoughts, feelings, and provoked emotions and thoughts in the viewer. I could do the same style of paintings I’m doing now for the rest of my life and make a normal living, and everything would be great. But I prefer to push myself outside of that. Not to try to make more money or be famous, or any of that stuff. I just want to know that I turned over every stone, and tried to reach my highest potential as an artist.

Second painting in my Growing Heart Series – 18 X 24 – Acrylic on Wood Panel

I feel like I’m on that path now. I haven’t produced too many finished pieces with a new style, except for my Growing Heart Series, but the practice I’m putting in is setting me up for a ton of new work in the months to come. I’m getting more and more excited about showing everyone the results of a lot of practice. I always harp on it at workshops, about how people should practice a lot, and that’s the real way to get better at anything. Practicing 7 times a week is much more effective, and produces much greater results than practicing once a week. Even if the daily practice is only 20 mins.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on in my head lately. Just working on a lot of things at once. Hope everyone is well! Thanks for coming by to read my ramblings!


Painting from my Dramatic Sky Series – 24 X 36 – Acrylic on Canvas

2 thoughts on “Practicing, exploring

  1. I always love to hear when someone is turning inward and getting back in touch with what is most important for true happiness. Really sounds like you are off to a great start! I have a great love hate relationship going on right now with the canvas. I hate it while I do it but love it (almost) when I am done and have time to step back and look at the final result. I think while I am painting,and my mind keeps saying “You can’t do this” but then I finish and feel better. I guess with practice as you talked about my negative inner voice might start to grow quieter and hopefully a positive one will take over lol.


  2. Therapy,,,, I had a brain stroke on January 25th, 2015 and painting on canvas was my therapy. Turn the music on, mix together colors, prepare your canvas and let your hands to their thing. Painting was and is my therapy.


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