A subtle figure

I’ve toyed with the idea of adding in subtle figures in some of my landscapes. Especially with the intense, surreal ones. In this latest painting I added a figure because it was important for the message of my painting.

Even though it is just two small brush strokes, and very abstract, I feel it completes the message of the painting. I don’t normally go into too much detail when I explain what certain paintings mean to me, but for this one its pretty simple.

In a growing world of social media there is only one place I feel true peaceful solitude. The landscape of Maine is where I find that peace. Whether it’s walking out in the woods beside my house, or taking our dogs down an open field looking over the rolling hills of Northern Maine, the only place I ever feel like I get a break from the constant need to use technology is the great outdoors.

Sometimes life can get heavy and you need true solitude to get a clear mind so you can figure out how to tackle some of the obstacles of life. Sometimes you just need to hear the true natural sounds of earth to recharge your mind. Sometimes you just need to reconnect to nature when we are constantly living in a virtual world on our phones and computers.

The small figure in this painting (if you can spot it) reminds me where to go to get those things if I need them.

There is even more to this painting, but I’ll let you create your own story.

Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “A subtle figure

  1. When I was younger I loved being in the woods surrounded by trees. When I was a kid I grew up playing house in the pine thickets and running through the the woods following the creeks to get from Papaw’s house to everyone else’s house. When I was a teenager I had a favorite tree I liked to climb and hang out in and read or just be quiet and listen. In my adult years I buried my best dog friends under the trees. Now in my older years I paint them. (thanks Tim, from the bottom of my “wooden” heart)
    This is why you can see me in the woods amongst the trees.
    Oh, and don’t to forget to Look up!


  2. Oh I love this painting. It’s beautiful. I like the darker foreground and the light background + the way the values alternate. I could look at it all day. I think your enjoyment really shines through on this one 🙂


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