I need more RAM for my brain.

Here I am, writing a post for my blog, The Art Year. My previous post was in April, about 7 months ago. At the beginning of the year I had a big goal to hold myself accountable and post on my blog frequently. I wanted to do that because it would make me focus on my artwork. My ultimate goal was to study, advance and practice to better myself as an artist.

I have, in fact, kept up with my art, outside of my regular artwork, and am now producing work that is taking on new forms and developing nicely. I’ve kept up with my sketchbook, drawing almost daily. But for some reason I couldn’t seem to keep up with this blog.

I started thinking about why I haven’t been able to stick with posting. I really enjoy writing, especially when it’s philosophical stuff about art. It’s almost like when you’re having a conversation with yourself and someone else hears you, and you notice them looking at you and you say to them, “I’m just thinking out loud.” I feel like writing on my blog is like thinking out loud. It helps me work out ideas, work out issues I’m having with my art, or in other aspects of my art life. So the big pause in posts wasn’t because I didn’t like it. I’m really itching to say that life just got in the way, and that’s why I haven’t written. And that, my friends, is a big excuse. I’ve used that excuse a lot. Life is busy, so that’s why I wasn’t able to post on my blog, or work on a certain idea or whatever. I’m trying to drop that excuse, because the reality is life is busy for everyone, and it’s an easy out for not doing something.


I think I’ve figured it out though, and there are a few problems why I haven’t posted.

Problem 1, from what I can gather, is technology. I get sucked in. Sucked in to instagram, facebook, youtube. All the things that I have to use to be a successful artist. I use it to promote my art, I use it to study how others promote their work, I use it to get ideas, and then after all of those good reasons to use social media it takes me down the road of wasted time. There is nothing wrong with chilling out for a few minutes reading meme’s and watching cat videos. I don’t really overdo it in that department. The real problem is my distracted mind. All of those social media things keep your attention span short, and keeps your mind distracted. A distracted mind is an unorganized mind. The distraction actually made me forget that I should post on my blog. There was a time I kept thinking “I should post something on my blog.” Then there was a two or three month span where I never even thought about the blog. I was distracted enough times to forget about it.

Problem 2 is a more complicated one. I didn’t post because I didn’t really have a lot to say. There are aspects of life that make you become more introverted. I went through a few things during the summer and fall where I didn’t feel like talking to anyone because life kind of got crappy. Losing loved ones, losing pets, and other personal things can pile up on someone. I got to the point where I really didn’t want to post on social media, or any media for that matter. I just wanted to crawl into a cave and hang out there for awhile. Sometimes those are the perfect times to get lost in your art.

Problem 3 is a simple one. I was tired. If you’re a full time artist you’ll understand when I say being an artist is hard. It’s a really competitive place, and you can’t really take a break or everyone will forget about you. It’s kind of sad in a way, but I like that you have to bust your butt to be successful. Since I come from a sports background and love competition I like to work hard and try and do the best I can, in business and in art. With that said, sometimes you just get your butt kicked. I kind of went through that phase where I got my butt kicked. I got a little burnt out, took a break from teaching workshops, and ended up taking breaks from things I didn’t even expect to take breaks from, like this blog.

So with that said, I plan to finish the year out strong on my blog, so I hope you stay with me, comment and keep the conversations alive! It’s always nice to have someone hear my rambling. That way I’m not just thinking out loud or just talking to myself. Thanks for reading, it’s good to be back, and I’m ready to show you all the things I’ve been working on. Stay tuned! 🙂


9 thoughts on “I need more RAM for my brain.

  1. so nice to read your blog again. It feels like sitting down with a friend. I feel that you are an inspiration to so many artists that have taken that leap into creativity and building their own styles after learning and studying from your workshops and online lessons. You have become an icon artist much like Bob Ross ( a name that will not be forgotten without the “happy little trees” ) . I enjoy to see the posting from your our other students and their progress on Facebook. I bought your lesson “Tucker” in hopes of painting a portrait of my dog “Dexter” that passed away in September but just can’t bring myself to do it yet. Keep up the blog and best wishes to you for Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones and Merry Christmas!

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  2. At the end we should not forget we’re all humans and it’s not wrong to sometimes get lost in time. There is always too much stress on what you have to accomplish instead of making sure you enjoy what you do. Time for yourself I think is important.
    There is always something else to be done and you (or anyone else) I think – should not feel guilty for what you do or didn’t do as long as you feel happy where you are and where you are going. You are to live life for you and your close ones not for the others who will only talk about you from a distance.
    We love what you give us Tim and you have brought an increased value of how we look at certIn things or how we paint. But don’t feel guilty or think you need an excuse to do what you do or didn’t do. It’s nice to see and hear we are all humans and time goes by (to) fast. And no matter if you post on a blog, a lesson on YouTube or a comment on facebook. We value it all. But the most important part I think is that you feel happy with what you do as we will feel that in whatever you post or do wherever.
    Have an enjoyable day and don’t worry about competition. If you stay who you are I’m sure competition will stay far behind.


  3. Hi Tim, I’m happy to read your blog. And what you ‘re writing/saying means that you’re really human. 😊 Thank you for that as you have to keep a lot there on track, just like other people have to do in life. So no excuses for that, it’s just human. Sometimes the best plans fail despite of the good intensions. Nothing wrong about that. 😉


  4. I think you are a brave soul to put your thoughts out there for us to read. I understand the retreating from life and people around us. I have done away with cable TV. If I want to seek out news I can, but I found last year that there was too much about the horrible things going on around the world. As a mother whose son had joined the Military I could no longer watch TV. So I thankfully found you and your beautiful art. This is what fills a lot of my time now and for that I am truly grateful.
    As for blogging which requires keeping to a routine, well I know anytime I start something with good intentions of keeping to it, I don’t. I can remember as a child hating routine, everyday life seemed to regimented …get up, go to school, come home etc. How I would love to go back to just one day of that routine if it meant the loved ones I have lost would be back again.
    Sorry I am rambling. I am just really happy that you feel you are back in a place where you are ready to share again.
    You are a beautiful soul with a great talent. Just don’t get lost in it.


  5. I did ramble on and say things from the heart but for some reason it does not appear here. Oh well all in all I am glad you are back to where you feel you can share again. I think you are an amazing talent and have a beautiful soul. Thanks for being you!


  6. that was a nice cozy, comfy read and it was great to glimpse this side of you again. I look forward to the next one. Having said that, I completely get what you are saying! I planned on starting a blog for women of my age, you know, all of the problems and tough things to go through, just doesn’t seem upbeat enough – do people really want to read about reality? I don’t know, – well, I haven’t even started! Then, when I read some other blogs I get all down on myself and say ‘ahh, I can’t write as well or interestingly as that’ – an excuse, just like you say. I am still enjoying your lessons that I bought, so much, they really are great! So, here’s to blogging, art, life and saying what’s on our minds. They really are wonderful places, aren’t they? 🙂


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